Upcycle Products 

curated by Joko Budy

Pandemia Time


Local community used-cooking oil!

Bath soap, dish soap, laundry soap in ecoprint and bamboo packaging

Carcinogenic waste cooking oil when it is dumped on the ground or in the water will pollute, then the collective oil from local residents is processed for cleaning products that are needed for sanitation.
Soap is packaged in bamboo containers and ecoprint cloth handkerchiefs so that it can continue to be used for drinking or as a cloth mask replacement cloth.

During the pandemic soap products were agreed to be allocated as much as 30% for disposers of waste, 30% for compensation of production & transportation costs, 35% distributed to paramedics, boarding schools, janitors, market traders, and people affected by covid19.

Erwan Widyarto 

Utilizing non-organic waste as an art item that can become a home interior decoration. Calligraphy and relief from paper pulp. Finishing with gold or silver paint to give the impression of copper or silver. While the paintings are made from sachets of instant noodles, fragrances and the like (flexible plastic) with WPAP or collage techniques. I also use a plastic bag to make paintings. I also tried to make vintage interior decoration by utilizing used glass that was deposited to the Trash Bank and used wood.

As long as #stayathome paints more. Some use 'trash' in the form of coffee grounds. But mostly with watercolors.

While those related to upcycle activities yesterday made ecobricks. And utilize used glass to make interior decoration. This decoration is in the form of words of wisdom or motivation.