Upcycle Fashion Show

curated by Amber Kusuma

It's In Your Hands Collective

We believe in the power of people and their hands as creators, in exploring the possibilities to revalue our daily plastic waste by exchanging ideas and creative participatory actions in creating a more responsible future for ourselves and the earth. We engaged public in accessories making workshops using pieces we made from plastic bottles. We are exploring shapes made from plastic bottle and turn them into variety of accessories to provide public with the new perspectives and ideas on finding solutions of our plastic waste. We also challenged ourself  to turn plastic waste into something creatively thought provoking, we created some series of artworks made of plastic waste.

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Jessica Halim

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Erwan Widyarto 

Utilizing non-organic waste as an art item that can become a home interior decoration. Calligraphy and relief from paper pulp. Finishing with gold or silver paint to give the impression of copper or silver. While the paintings are made from sachets of instant noodles, fragrances and the like (flexible plastic) with WPAP or collage techniques. I also use a plastic bag to make paintings. I also tried to make vintage interior decoration by utilizing used glass that was deposited to the Trash Bank and used wood.

As long as #stayathome paints more. Some use 'trash' in the form of coffee grounds. But mostly with watercolors.

While those related to upcycle activities yesterday made ecobricks. And utilize used glass to make interior decoration. This decoration is in the form of words of wisdom or motivation.


We process fabric waste, especially cotton and denim, to make a variety of new, authentic, and expressive handmade products. We adapted Japanese art, Boro and Sashiko, in harmony with the value of sustainable fashion. Fabric waste is obtained from tailors who also work together to sew Controlnew products. Each product is formed from a pattern sheet which is a composition of pieces of waste that are composed expressively, spontaneously and honestly. The pattern forming process is done by yourself in-house and forwarded to the same tailor for the process to become a whole product. It's no longer limited but we created the only one.

Pandemics disrupt our planned events, events, exhibitions and collaborations. Stock that has been prepared into frozen money for the past 2 months. Sales tend to be difficult because people's interests and purchasing power decline. But on the other hand it gives us room to reflect on ourselves and achievement. Eventually the release of new products (baseball cap & Sashiko starter kit) and gave birth to works (cloth silhouettes) and new ideas (collaboration with other brands). It's nice to see everyone digitally active working through many things. 


Design by Blanka 

We create sustainable ethically crafted jewelry, made from reused materials, and highlighting the elegance and beauty of noble metals being repurposed.
Our handmade pieces last for a lifetime.

"This pandemic has made me more connected to the environment, I recycled since I was a child. Now I appreciate how breathing."


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The use of gunny sack waste other than reused as a container. Used jute used as fashion bags, wallets, etc. including craft / knick-knacks.

Tetap berkarya saja. Rasa malas dan putus asa yang selalu dilawan dan diolah menjadi hasil karya.