Riverside and Beach Cleaning 

 Clean up of the Opak river bank and Parangkusumo beach:  

 Sunday 15 November 2020 

 Opak River bank in Trimulyo village and Parangkusumo beach 

Careless disposal of garbage in rivers leads to severe damage to the ecosystem. Rivers carry the garbage of the rural population into the sea, where it is integrated into the food chain to the great suffering of marine animals. Plastic not only pollutes rivers, it also releases hormone levels and gene-changing substances.Those alerting facts call for a symbolic action integrating the wider public.

This activity is a platform to raise public awareness of the importance of maintaining cleanliness of beaches and rivers as public spaces. Special attention is paid to Parangkusumo Beach, which is one of the main beach destinations in Yogyakarta and the Opak River side area, which is a dense populated area. The activity will be carried out by involving all elements of society, such as environmental activists, academics, artists, and government officials.

Photos of former actions at Gardu Action, Parangkusumo

Photos of former actions at Riverhouse Njomblang, Bantul