Ecopreneur Platform 

 'Tackling waste & bring benefit for daily life' 

    In this section we present festival partners, who are applying the parameters of circular economy in their institution:  

    Guwosari Training Centre, JPSM Amor, Gardu Action  

A community-based method to deal with already existing waste through establishing sorting, processing and return of materials to industry and manufacturing as raw material. Not only are the mechanisms able to be applied by communities, but further strengthen the economic health of communities by empowering with knowledge to upcycle non-organic and organic waste into marketable products. A cleaner environment will improve community’s health.

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Early Education for Pre-Schools and Elementary School Pupils


The program has access to the more than 26.676 students, teachers and parents. They are expected to become "agents of change" through teaching and supervising them to separate waste & bring the already separated waste to school. Collected waste will be sent to processing companies

Learning modules for community-based development and upcycle techniques.


There are classes with 3 main sujects:


1. Community Development


2. Organic Waste Based Product Innovation


3. Processing of Various discarded Plastic Items


Eco-business incubator


A continuation to Ecopreneur Workshop where the Ecopreneur Team will help the workshop participant to develop business models and waste management through consultancy activites. Consultation will be given for a period of one and half years which is targeted to reach 5 to 10 villages in Yogyakarta Special Region.