Performance Carnival 

 A collaboration between designer and performance 
 artist in context of upcycling

 Saturday, 14 November 2020 , Guwosari village 

Performance art displays cultural and artistic expression as an educational campaign, in order to show the public options for more responsible use of materials and natural resources towards zero waste as part of a circular economy.

The artists are planned to perform by wearing costumes that were specially designed, using used materials. This program will be held on November 14, 2020 with a preparation time of about 10 days in advance. This carnival does not invite the general public, but is rather serving as an occassion of video recording (to be included on the website) as live stream.


For hundreds of years since the days of the Nusantara kingdoms, art has been positioned at the socio-political, economic, cultural, and spiritual intersections. In the contemporary and contextual art scene today, art can be very strategically used as a media for campaigning, awareness and education about waste management and systems. Art and artists are no longer confined to use conventional media and art materials. They are not limited to exhibit in rigid space / time.

The International Upcycle Festival invites artists and opens a call for applications from local and international artists. In collaboration with JPSM AMOR (Independent Waste Management Network) we provide a collection of carnival costumes from rubbish, which are possible to be revised and further developed. It is also possible to explore the surrounding materials related to waste. All artists are encouraged to perform about zero waste and circular economy while walking in public space during the carnival. The principle of zero waste says all production- consumption cycles in human civilization do not leave waste to nature, further applying the principle of circular-economics, existing products rotate in continuous way through processing and economic utilization.