About our team 


To increase public awareness about the use of plastics in more responsible way, in order to maintain environmental quality. An understanding of the steps of sorting, separating, reusing, recycling, and rethinking is expected to prevent pollution, even increase economic power of the general public.


To alter the understanding and the meaning of the word “garbage”, as “the undesirable residual material after the end of a process” to “material that will be functionally transformed for the next process”.


To establish the Festival as an educational space, a creative space, as well a space of progress that unites and harmonizes the benefits of industry, the prosperity of society, and environmental sustainability (profit-people-planet).


To foster mutual understanding among stakeholders, who are then expected to realize joint actions based on a sense of solidarity.


Chair Lady: Franziska Fennert, M.A.

Vice Chairman: Ir. Nur Iswanto, M.Eng.Sc., PhD

Creative Director: Iwan Wijono S.H.

Scientific Director: Dra. Nike Triwahyuningsih, M.P.

General Secretary: Ifa Elfira Olivia, S.Hut.

Vice General Secretary: Arvia Ayunthara

Curatorial team: Lifepatch


Conference:Ir. Nur Iswanto, M.Eng.Sc.

Upcycle Product Curator:Joko Budy

Fashion Show Curator:Amber Kusuma SSn.

Ecopreneur Forum:Dra. Nike Triwahyuningsih M.P.,
Dwi Wantoro S.T. M.T.,
Boy Candra

Art Exhibition:Franziska Fennert, M.A.

Performance Carnival:Iwan Wijono, S.H.

Budget & Sponsorship:Franziska Fennert, M.A.;

Ir. Nur Iswanto, M.Eng.Sc., PhD

Media Relationship, Publication:Erwan Widyarto, Deden Ardiansyah S.Sn.

Documentation:Hari Kolingin, Deden Ardiansyah S.Sn.

Volunteer:Mahasiswa Institut Teknologi Yogyakarta

Festival Embassador:Eka Nusa Pertiwi