30 October – 01 December 2020


Bantul, Yogyakarta Special Region

"Project to empower the civil society, especially in villages, by applying art and science as a means of knowledge sharing on used goods as valuable raw materials."


Our event is postponed and updates upcycle activities in each section of our website and on online events.

The International Upcycle Festival 2020 is organized by Indonesian Upcycle Forum (IUF) in collaboration with a number of institutions/organizations. The ultimate objectives of the Festival are to find solutions for plastic waste and to build public awareness about the importance of a more responsible use of plastic.

This festival is not only to serve the purpose of festivity, but more importantly it constitutes various activities in education, knowledge and information exchange, art showcase, and furthermore fostering eco-business entrepreneurship to pursuit its ultimate objectives.

It is well understood that waste issue, particularly plastic waste, is very complex and must be handled comprehensively from various angles. For this, we propose upcycle concept. Upcycle itself has the meaning of adding value to an object or material with the following behaviour: Reduce (reducing the use) - Reuse - Repair (repairing damaged goods) - Refuse (refuse to buy or to consume) - Rethink (rethinking to buy or to consume) - Recycle.

Collaborative Institutions



The International Upcycle Festival was originally planned to be held in Yogyakarta at the end of 2020, caused by current pandemic the event will be postponed to 2021. While waiting for stable conditions after passing through the corona virus pandemic, we open a call to prospective event participants for all those RE / UP cycling non organic/ organic waste.

The website will be used on one hand to inform about the festival and on the other hand to provide a platform for works and their concepts, in the following sectors:

a) art
b) fashion
c) crafts
d) raw / finished products / industrial products.

Please fill in the data at the link below to enter the Festival’s website, as well as to share about the extent of joint struggle in applying principles of zero waste and tell about your activities during this pandemic.

We are waiting for your story during this special global situation: what are the challenges in the creative process?